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Policy exclusions can be occasion for insurers to attempt unfair limitations on coverage, P.1

Insurance coverage is critical for businesses in covering liabilities related to environmental and public health claims, as these can become costly. Businesses should expect that their insurers will have their back when they file a valid claim under the terms of their policy. Unfortunately, insurance companies are out for profit and are keen to limit their coverage obligations whenever possible.  

Working with experienced attorney to build strongest possible insurance bad faith claim, P.2

Previously, we began looking at a case in which an insurance company was ordered to pay $50,000 in punitive damages to a business for denying coverage for fire losses due to a mistake in the insurance company’s records. As we noted, both the finding of insurance bad faith and the award of punitive damages were upheld on appeal.

Work with experienced attorney to build strongest possible insurance bad faith claim, P.1

For consumers of insurance coverage, whether individuals or businesses, fairness and promptness in disbursing funds are critical to ensure the insured has financial support in time of need. When an insurance company fails to live up to its obligations under an insurance policy, an insured’s situation can go from bad to worse very quickly.

Nonprofit group highlights auto insurers’ unfair rate-setting practices, P.2

Previously, we began looking at a recent analysis by the nonprofit ProPublica which found significant disparities in premiums charged to drivers in minority zip codes as compared to those living in predominantly white neighborhoods. As we noted, the insurance industry disputes that auto insurance premiums are based on race or ethnicity, but the data isn’t clearly in their favor.

Nonprofit group highlights auto insurers’ unfair rate-setting practices, P.1

Insurance is a valuable commodity, and one that is a practical necessity for most people. As consumers of insurance products, we expect that we will be treated fairly, that we will be charged a fair price based on accurate risk figures, and that insurance companies will not be allowed to defraud consumers by taking advantage of their lack of knowledge about rate setting.

Consumer advocacy group looks at variance in auto insurance costs for not-at-fault drivers

The Consumer Federation of America, a national consumer advocacy group, recently published a report highlighting the fact that insurance costs associated with accidents can vary in sometimes significant and non-intuitive ways.

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