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Serving clients in Hawaii and throughout California, including Sacramento, Los Angeles, Chico, Jackson and San Diego

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Caufield & James LLP | Attorneys at Law

Serving clients in Hawaii and throughout California, including Sacramento, Los Angeles, Chico, Jackson and San Diego

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Strategic Environmental And Business Counsel Throughout California And Nationwide

At Caufield & James, LLP, our lawyers represent small businesses, major corporations, municipalities and property owners across the country.

Working With Clients In California And Hawaii

Environmental Law

Environmental Law

We apply our unique knowledge to address a variety of environmental law concerns that property owners encounter.

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Business Law

Business Law

We represent business clients facing disputes due to partnership or shareholder disagreements, breaches of contract and more.

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Corporate Law

Corporate Law

We advise businesses of all sizes to maximize the opportunities available to them while minimizing risks and disputes.

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Insurance Law

Insurance Law

We represent both individuals and businesses in breach of contract or bad faith disputes against insurance companies.

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Environmental Law Attorneys In California And Nationwide

At Caufield & James, LLP, our versatile and experienced lawyers provide comprehensive environmental counsel and litigation services for clients ranging from small businesses to major corporations. We also offer advice and representation regarding commercial and corporate transactions and disputes, insurance coverage issues and many other civil matters.

Leveraging Our Unique Backgrounds To Better Assist Our Clients

Our law firm has established a strong reputation for sophisticated and effective representation in high-stakes environmental litigation. Each of our partners practiced for many years with large law firms, where they received a solid foundation in commercial and environmental litigation, corporate law, business transactions and adversary proceedings of all kinds.

We have the capacity to meet sophisticated legal challenges on a regional or national basis. At the same time, our size allows for close client relationships with all businesses. Our background allows us to function as corporate general counsel to many small or midsize businesses, especially those in particular need of advice on environmental issues.

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Providing Guidance At Every Stage

Our goal as your company’s business counsel is to help you make the most of the opportunities your market offers while minimizing risk and avoiding liability. In litigation matters, we work to resolve your problem on favorable terms at the earliest possible stage. Our experience with alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation and arbitration can help keep your problem out of court.

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