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For over a decade, Caufield & James, L.L.P., has been protecting the legal interests of dry cleaners throughout Southern California. Let us protect your business and property, too.


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  • $10-Million Case

    Successfully litigated and negotiated a global settlement in excess of $10 million paid to our clients in a complex, multi-party environmental contamination case.

  • Proven Success At Trial

    In federal district court, successfully disqualified four sets of opposing side's testifying experts in a multimillion-dollar CERCLA environmental case.

  • $900k Payment Negotiated

    Negotiated a payment of over $900,000 to our client for environmental contamination matters related to umbrella insurance coverage.

  • $3-Million Settlement

    Successfully litigated a CERCLA action involving contaminated soil and groundwater from dry cleaners that resulted in a settlement of over $3 million for our client.

  • Case Settled At No Cost To Former Dry Cleaner

    Obtained insurance coverage and negotiated dismissal of claims with prejudice and a good faith settlement determination in CERCLA action against former dry cleaner, at no cost to the client.

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We Can Help You Overcome The Toxic Legacy Of Dry Cleaners’ Pollution Claims

Legal issues can put financial strain on your business

As a dry cleaner or property owner leasing to a dry cleaning company in California, you face tough environmental liability issues. Cleaning solvents such as perchloroethylene (PCE /PERC) and trichloroethylene (TCE) are heavily regulated. Lawsuits related to spills, contamination, pollution and exposure have been common for decades. Obtaining legal advice is the most effective way to prevent and resolve these problems, and protect your business.

At Caufield & James, L.L.P., we can help you address and avoid environmental issues related to dry cleaning. With advanced degrees in environmental science, our attorneys understand the science behind dry cleaning cases. Since so many environmental issues really revolve around science, being able to work with the experts and consultants – and putting it into laymen's speech – is the key to your success in tough environmental law cases.

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Received A Letter From A Regulatory Agency?

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Providing The Correct Response Is Critical

Whether you received a letter from a local, state or federal regulatory agency, or you're proactively seeking legal advice, we can help you. Our skilled environmental law attorneys will counsel you on regulatory compliance and hire an environmental consultant, if needed, to protect your interests. Don’t put your future in the hands of anyone other than a law firm that excels practicing environmental law at the highest level.

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