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September 2013 Archives

New study questions validity of Deepwater contamination findings

To your average, everyday person, the area of environmental law may not mean to much. This isn't a problem, per se; but our environment directly affects us in many ways. When people or companies violate intricately constructed laws and protocols that are specifically designed to protect the environment (and, thus, us), they need to be held accountable for their actions. While an individual crime, such as robbery or fraud, may only affect one or two people in a single moment, an environmental crime can affect tens (and likely hundreds) of thousands of people over a very long period.

Lawmakers propose changes to California Environmental Quality Act

The California Environmental Quality Act, which has been around since then-Governor Ronald Regan signed it into law in 1970, has faced quite a bit of ridicule in its time. The law, which plays a key role in California's environmental protection efforts, forces companies to undergo rigorous environmental fallout reviews. The law has seen its fair share of what some believe to be abuse, with competing companies and labor groups using it to delay projects.

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