California law says that children should be protected from health risks caused by pollution from freeway traffic while they are in school. Even though state law tries to protect children from this type of pollution, which can increase the risk of pediatric asthma, 39 schools in San Diego lie within 500 feet of traffic corridors that are considered smog filled.

According to a report, the Environmental Health Tracking Program for the state found that San Diego County say over 5,2000 emergency department visits by children for asthma treatment. San Diego County is one of the top five counties in the country for number of pediatric asthma cases.

Environmental law is often enforced by many different agencies at different levels of government. Whether it is through local zoning laws, or federal regulations by the Unites States Environmental Protection Agency, organizations might frequently face questioning by authorities about their compliance with environmental laws.

Although these public schools might be exempt from some laws, other organizations are usually not exempt, leaving them susceptible to frequent questioning by authorities, despite an organization seeking proper approvals before taking on a project.

Environmental issues will continue to grow in the years to come, as more scientific data is released and policies move toward renewable energy sources. Ensuring organizations are not unfairly treated because of new policies is important in ensuring their business activities are not interrupted. Speaking with an experienced environmental law attorney in San Diego might be a wise decision for a business that has seen an inquiry from a regulatory agency.

Source: Voice of San Diego, “39 San Diego Schools Sit in the Traffic Pollution Danger Zone,” Joel Hoffmann, Oct. 10, 2013