We have recently written about California’s devastating drought and we have written about the ways that California’s environmental lobby is affecting the responses that both the federal and state government are taking in response to that drought. Environmental initiatives and reforms to environmental law tend to be controversial. For example, the approaches that the environmental lobby wishes to take in response to the state’s drought have been controversial because these approaches may negatively impact the bottom line of various businesses.

However, a report recently released by environmental and health advocates indicates that numerous controversial environmental protection measures will result in more than $10 billion in economic savings by 2020. These benefits will stem directly from avoiding certain oil consumption and health care costs.

This report illustrates the complex nature of environmental laws as they pertain to business. For example, a California business may stand opposed to certain environmental laws because they may potentially harm that business’s bottom line. However, if the environmental law ultimately saves the business money on healthcare costs because it has helped the business’s employees obtain better health, the overall cost of the environmental reform may be beneficial to that business.

Still, environmental laws remain complex and nuanced. If you have any questions about how current or proposed environmental initiatives, laws and reforms may affect your business, please reach out to an experienced environmental law attorney. He or she will be able to help you better understand how current and proposed laws may impact you in the short-term and in the long-run.

Source: Sacramento Business Journal, “Report: Environmental laws could save $10B by 2020,” Allen Young, May 21, 2014