Few California businesses are able to operate without obtaining an environmental license or permit at some point or another. Whether a business is seeking to build a new structure, get rid of manufacturing waste or cut down naturally growing plant life, that business may need environmental licenses and permits to do so.

It is vitally important that business owners seek out the counsel of an experienced environmental attorney before breaking ground on new structures, clearing land, dumping new kinds of waste or otherwise engaging in activities that could be tied to environmental restrictions and regulations. Even if you are simply engaging in these activities on land you already own, you may need a license or a permit in order to do so.

Failure to obtain correct licenses and permits could lead to fines, injunctions and even litigation. While the activities you want to pursue may seem simple and environmentally harmless to you, California’s environmental laws are complex, nuanced and wide-reaching. As a result, seemingly simple actions may indeed be governed by regulations that require licenses and permits.

In many cases, seeking proper licensure or permits with the help of an experienced attorney is a relatively straightforward process. Failure to complete proper paperwork and obtain proper permissions can lead to complicated and costly legal processes that your business would almost certainly benefit from avoiding whenever possible. If you find yourself in either position, an experienced California environmental attorney should be able to help you navigate either the proactive or reactive licensing and permits process at the local, state and federal levels. Please do not hesitate to reach out for assistance when potentially necessary.