We frequently write about the fact that California has some of the most stringent environmental laws in the nation. As a result, it can be difficult for many businesses based in the Golden State to navigate these laws both easily and successfully. However, it is important to note that businesses of all kinds may be able to turn environmental restrictions into positive business opportunities if they change the ways in which they look at these restrictions.

When many business owners consult with their attorneys about the various ways in which environmental law restricts and regulates the ways in which they may do business, they grow frustrated. Understandably, few individuals want to be heavily regulated and want to risk significant fines and other consequences if they do not follow environmental laws to the letter. However, it is possible to capitalize upon these restrictions and regulations in ways that will allow your business positive feedback from the business community, from regulators, from customers and from the general public.

For example, the Sprint Corporation was recently awarded a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2015 Climate Leadership Award for Excellence in Greenhouse Gas Management. Sprint received this award after demonstrating numerous innovative approaches to combating the forces of climate change within the course of Sprint’s general operations. Rather than viewing environmental restrictions on business practices as obstacles, Sprint viewed them as opportunities for innovation. That innovation was ultimately rewarded with recognition that will almost certainly win the company “points” in the minds of many potential customers.

Source: Environmental Protection Agency, “Sprint Recognized as EPA’s 2015 Climate Leader for Excellence in Greenhouse Gas Management,” Feb. 25, 2015