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June 2015 Archives

Groups challenge EPA regulation of 'inert' pesticide ingredients

When you read the label of a chemical cleaner, pesticide or other product, you may have noticed that those labels contain information about any potentially harmful ingredients and the percentage of each. Often, those labels are required by a federal law called the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act and enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Is your neighbor 'robbing' you of precious resources?

Generally, the law supports a land owner’s right to access and use any resources located on, above and below the surface of the land in question. Certainly, numerous exceptions apply to this rule. These exceptions present just one reason why it is generally beneficial to speak with an experienced attorney before engaging in any major changes to one’s land. Another reason why it can be beneficial to speak with an attorney is that accessing certain resources can affect one’s neighbors.

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