One of the actions government agencies sometimes take as part of their environmental law enforcement efforts is issuing violations against companies and property owners that they believe failed to comply with environmental laws and regulations they were subject to. Being issued such a violation has the potential to have some very significant consequences for a business or property owner.

When a business owner or property owner receives a notice of violation from a government agency in relation to alleged environmental misconduct, they may feel a great deal of fear and worry. There are a couple different temptations this might trigger for such an individual. For one, they may be tempted to just ignore the violation and hope that the matter goes away. They also might be tempted to take not-well-thought-out action to try to make the matter go away.

Both of these temptations are important to avoid, as how a person acts following being issued an environmental violation matters a great deal. Not responding at all to the issuing of a violation or responding to it improperly can lead to a person being in a very difficult situation in which their options are quite limited. On the other hand, responding in the right way to the issuing of a violation may be able to help a person get an acceptable resolution to the matter.

Thus, going to an environmental law attorney for guidance on how to respond can be a wise choice for a business owner or property owner when they have had a violation issued against them.

Our firm has a deep understanding of environmental law matters and proceedings and uses this understanding to provide high-quality representation to individuals in environmental violation cases. We can assist individuals with responding to the issuing of a violation and with working with the agency that issued the violation to try to reach a workable resolution to the matter.