It hasn’t been the best year for a Brazilian mining company that trades publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. The enterprise is currently facing litigation woes of a substantial magnitude, a fact that underscores the need for any beleaguered business entity challenged by a toxic waste lawsuit to secure timely and aggressive assistance from a proven environmental law firm.

As described in a media piece released just yesterday, Vale is a “mining giant,” which understandably contributes to its magnified risk of being involved in an environmental lawsuit.

And that is precisely what has just happened, with an announcement made one day ago noting that a class action lawsuit has been filed against the company. The litigation is on behalf of investors who were allegedly defrauded by certain “false statements and/or omissions” made by Vale executives regarding the outcome of a recent dam accident.

According to the complaint, Vale officials were not truthful in relating material details concerning the mishap, which caused several fatalities and had contaminating effects on a river. The plaintiffs also allege that the procedures taken by Vale to mitigate the fallout were inadequate.

The lawsuit contends that company misrepresentations in the matter resulted in artificially inflated prices for Vale’s stock in its aftermath. Damages are sought to compensate for that.

Any type of environmental litigation against a company is an obviously serious matter, from both the perspective of a company’s personal reputation and its financial bottom line.

A proven law firm that has a deep well of experience defending businesses and property owners in environmental litigation can help ensure that a defendant’s legal rights and interests are fully protected and maximally promoted.