Whether it be an aftermarket supplier of performance diesel parts and/or a heavy equipment operator, businesses in California continue to face increasingly stringent regulations from the various air districts. Most disturbingly, CARB is also becoming much more draconian in levying fines against businesses, many of times with little to no regard for the size of the business nor the severity of the alleged violation. It would seem that oftentimes there is little consideration given to that actual air quality and/or protecting public health by the enforcement activities. Instead, the priority seems to be focused on revenue generation for CARB. Companies that fight CARB regulations and enforcement activities often face tough choices and ultimately the employees at the companies are the ones that appear to suffer the most as companies are forced into either closing their business entirely and/or layoffs just to stay in business. However, companies have been successful in fighting CARB and succeeding in Court against unreasonable and oftentimes draconian enforcement activities.