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California: unrelenting focus on environmental concerns

We submit that there likely is no other state in the county that is more intensely and routinely focused upon environment matters -- concerns, necessary fixes and opportunities -- than California.

Californians flatly know that they can flick on the television, scan a newspaper or pop online at virtually any time and see an environmental-related story -- featuring a sharp debate over alleged contamination, a legislative finding or fiat, developments in ongoing litigation, a status update on a clean-up effort or some other matter -- playing out somewhere in the state.

Californians -- including legislators, state residents, advocacy groups, businesses and commercial organizations -- don't brush environmental matters under the proverbial rug. Rather, environmental concerns are routinely pushed to the very forefront of agendas that prominently preoccupy diverse voices from across the state.

As proof of how notable and front-and-center environmental concerns are in California, one media outlet recently penned a lengthy article discussing what it terms "the 10 most critical environmental problems in Southern California."

Many of our readers will undoubtedly know a great many details regarding some of those matters, while a few of the cited problems might be a bit less high-profile and instantly recognizable. They span both recent and long-occurring events, with the following being some of the prominent inclusions:

  • Global climate change generally, with a stress on carbon-dioxide emissions
  • Natural gas leak occurring in the Aliso Canyon area outside Los Angeles
  • Southern California air quality concerns, with upcoming hearings scheduled on a regional plan to combat pollution
  • Torrance refinery fire in the South Bay
  • Forced closure of Exide Technologies' battery recycling plant
  • Ongoing and dramatic water shortages across the state

There are many other stories and concerns, of course, with state businesses often being focal points in inquiries and investigations. Legions of well-meaning and law-abiding commercial concerns in California routinely confront environmental challenges from state and federal regulators and advocacy groups, despite best efforts to be good corporate citizens.

They sometimes need help in their efforts to be scrupulously lawful and to contest allegations of wrongdoing. A proven environmental law attorney can help them as they resolutely work toward those ends.

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