In Fall 2016, the “Butte Fire” burnt over 70,000 acres of homes and land in the lower Sierra foothills near Jackson, California. By way of property damage and size, the Butte Fire ranks as one of the top 10 worst fires in California history. The origin of the fire was placed near Butte Mountain just outside of Jackson, California. Cal Fire recently released their investigation report that identifies the source of the fire as a small pine tree contacting a high voltage overhead power line owned and operated by PG&E. The report concluded that tree trimming by PG&E (through it’s contractors) in the Spring 2015 removed supporting pine trees between the smaller pine tree and the power line such that it allowed the smaller pine to bend into their power line during normal wind conditions. The report then concludes contact between the pine tree and the high voltage line resulted in the spark that started the fire. We currently represent more than 100 different property owners that have been impacted by the fire and the result of the investigation by Cal Fire was good news for our clients. Recent press releases by PG&E would suggest that they were willing to take responsibility for the damage caused but only time will tell if their statements prove to be true.