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April 2017 Archives

After a breach of contract, you have options

Imagine that you have been running a small medical practice for many years. During this time, you have used the same vendor for you office's medical supplies. Recently, your orders have contained mistakes. At first, the mistakes were minor, but they have slowly gotten worse during the last few months. The last order arrived more than a week late and only contained half of the supplies you needed. The new representative that you have been dealing with has not taken any steps to correct the problems.

Work with experienced attorney to manage product defect liabilities

In recent posts, we’ve been looking at the issue of product liability as it relates to Tesla’s Autopilot feature. The technology has been blamed for a number of accidents, and has become the subject of litigation because of potential safety risks to consumers.

Automatic driving technology and the issue of product defects

Last time, we mentioned the increasing prevalence of automatic driving technology in new vehicle models, and the various levels of automation these technologies fall into. As we noted, determining liability in the event of an accident involving automatic driving technology is an issue that is going to become increasingly important.

Automatic driving technology and the issue of product defects

As readers know, automatic driving features are increasingly making their way into newly manufactured automobiles. There is a wide variety of such technologies, and not all of them have the same functions. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has provided a classification system of the various technologies.

Nonprofit group highlights auto insurers’ unfair rate-setting practices, P.2

Previously, we began looking at a recent analysis by the nonprofit ProPublica which found significant disparities in premiums charged to drivers in minority zip codes as compared to those living in predominantly white neighborhoods. As we noted, the insurance industry disputes that auto insurance premiums are based on race or ethnicity, but the data isn’t clearly in their favor.

Nonprofit group highlights auto insurers’ unfair rate-setting practices, P.1

Insurance is a valuable commodity, and one that is a practical necessity for most people. As consumers of insurance products, we expect that we will be treated fairly, that we will be charged a fair price based on accurate risk figures, and that insurance companies will not be allowed to defraud consumers by taking advantage of their lack of knowledge about rate setting.

On March 21, 2017, Associate Attorney Ryan Simone attended and presented at the 27th Annual Association for Environmental Health and Sciences Foundation's ("AEHS") Conference on soil, water, energy, and air in San Diego, California.

Mr. Simone's workshop focused on preparing environmental expert witnesses on the various conflicting state and federal legal standards and requirements necessary for testifying as an expert or consultant in environmental litigation cases. Additionally, Mr. Simone's presentation discussed various steps, strategies, and due diligence that environmental experts can take in preparing their methodology to ensure the expert's testimony is not excluded from trial.

California eyeing new environmental law after Rams stadium issue

Fans of the California football team, the Los Angeles Rams, have been celebrating the fact that construction is starting on the new stadium for the team. Area residents, however, feel frustrated and even infuriated that courts ignored their legitimate concerns. State courts ruled against lawsuits with legal concerns as a result of the law requiring speedy resolution to these issues.

Work with experienced attorney to address environmental law compliance

In our last post, we began looking at litigation currently being faced by the multinational agricultural product company Monsanto concerning the chemical glyphosate. As we’ve noted, the corporation is facing allegations concerning its marketing of glyphosate, a potentially carcinogenic chemical used in a variety of its products.

Monsanto facing numerous lawsuits over glyphosate effects

Monsanto is one of the leading controllers of food produced in the United States and worldwide, and is well known for its leadership in genetic modification of crops and its production of agricultural chemicals. Some of the Monsanto’s chemical products, such as polychlorinated biphenyls, have been discontinued due to evidence that they are unsafe for human and animal populations.

Carefully consider the options when forming a business, P.2

Last time, we began looking at the topic of business formation and the various types of entities available. As we noted, selecting the correct business form is critical to ensure the success of a business, as it impacts important things like, ownership, liability, and taxation.

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