Influencer marketing has traditionally been available only to large corporations that command massive capital and huge labor bases. However, the advent of the internet and social media has made influencer marketing available to businesses that are not cash rich, allowing them to tap into this powerful strategy for growth.

Influencer marketing involves using influential people to sell products and services. Large corporations often partner with celebrities to sell what they have to offer to millions of customers. While small businesses and startups normally do not have access to the large capital funds that working with celebrities mandates, the internet has made many non-celebrities influential as well.

Small businesses may want to identify bloggers that have substantial followings on the internet with whom they might pair. Some bloggers command sizeable audiences that are loyal to them. These influencers may help people to effectively market their products or services in innovative ways to niche markets. It is important for businesses to make certain that the influencers that they choose are ones that do not hold controversial views so that there isn’t a backlash against their companies.

Identifying good marketing strategies should be incorporated into businesses’ business formation and planning processes. While some people are able to start companies without creating formal plans, they are more likely to fail. Strong business plans help by providing blueprints for a company’s direction so that the owners understand their goals. A good business and marketing plan can help individuals review where they are at in terms of reaching their business goals. It also is important for business owners to choose the right corporate structures for their entities to protect themselves from personal liability and reduce the taxes that they might have to pay.