Those who are starting new companies may believe that they have to relocate to California or New York City to be competitive. While there are many resources in those parts of the country, a new trend has seen businesses move away from those areas. This is partially because it may be too expensive to operate there.

For some companies, operating in a more rural area could actually be a competitive advantage. By listening to what others in a certain town or state are saying, it may be possible to create a business that fills a need locally. That may create an opportunity to find local people who do not want to move to a big city to find work. Companies in smaller states or cities can use resources like LinkedIn to find talent and spread the word about job openings.

It may be possible to find funding from state and local governments. In areas with smaller populations, economic growth may be a top priority. Therefore, it may be possible to leverage this to create a company in a more rural area without the need to connect with a large venture capital firm. Business owners themselves can sponsor or put on events that create awareness related to the benefits of new businesses.

Those who are planning on creating a start-up company may have many questions about the process of doing so. An attorney may be able to answer some or all of them. Legal counsel may also help review or prepare business documents such as investor agreements or paperwork related to establishing a company. Doing so as early as possible may cut down on the possibility of disputes between founders or with investors, vendors or employees.