Having the right type of insurance coverage is a part of operating a successful business in California. One type of insurance that tends to be ignored by people who run businesses is errors and omissions insurance.

As a type of business liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance provides coverage for those who receive professional services. Mistakes can have a negative financial impact and occur during nearly all types of transactions, regardless of the nature of the profession.

This type of insurance is used by companies, individuals and many types of professionals to avoid having to front the full financial cost of a defense against lawsuits that are filed regarding errors or omissions that allegedly occurred when they provided their professional services. It becomes a factor when a customer or client files a suit to hold an individual, company or professional liable for mistakes or not completing work as agreed upon in a contract.

Errors and omissions insurance is particularly vital type of insurance for people who operate businesses in the green industry. It is also necessary for people who routinely risk their business interests in the process of delivering their services.

When businesses provide services, there is rarely any intent to make a mistake. Operators in the green industry who obtain errors and omission insurance can be likened to physicians who obtain malpractice insurance for their field. It allows landscape business owners to focus more on their jobs knowing that any accidents that may occur will be covered by their errors and omission insurance.

An attorney who practices insurance litigation may be able to help protect the rights of business owners whose insurance claims are being denied by their insurer. The attorney may file suits against the insurer to compel them to honor the terms of their professional liability or malpractice coverage.