California business owners might be interested to learn that the potential merger between T-Mobile and Sprint has apparently fallen through. The two companies issued a joint statement on Nov. 4 that the merger would not happen.

In the statement, the companies said that their talks had ended. There has been ongoing speculation for several years that the companies would merge. Recently, T-Mobile has enjoyed a growth in its customer base while Sprint has been saddled with debt. T-Mobile stated that it could not proceed with a deal unless doing so would add value for its customers.

Sprint has suffered substantial annual losses each year for several years. If the merger had been successful, the resulting company would have boasted 130 million customers. Currently, T-Mobile and Sprint are the third- and fourth-largest cellular companies in the U.S. behind AT&T and Verizon. According to some analysts, the unusual nature of the joint statement made by the companies could indicate that they may attempt to return to talks in the future.

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