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December 2017 Archives

New tax rules may help startup employees earn more

Owners of California startup companies might want to look to provide stock options to their employees on a broader basis. This is because it may be possible to delay the tax consequences that come with having them if such options are offered to at least 80 percent of employees. In most cases, employee stock options need to be exercised within 10 years if their recipients stay with the company.

Disney announces $52.4 billion deal with 21st Century Fox

Media outlets reported on Dec. 14 that the California-based Walt Disney Company has entered into an all-stock deal worth approximately $52.4 billion with 21st Century Fox. Industry experts say that Fox will separate many of its broadcasting assets, including the Fox News Channel and the Big Ten Network, into a new media company while Disney will acquire some of the most valuable intellectual properties in the entertainment business.

5 duties your insurance carrier has to you and your business

You pay for insurance, and like anyone else, you expect your carrier to provide you with the requisite benefits. Bad faith insurance is when your insurer is unreasonable or refuses to pay claims or protect you from claims. Essentially, the insurer isn't doing his or her job.

3 critical factors every business merger needs to manage

At some point, rival businesses in California might consider merging as a way to dominate market share. The process could allow the joined companies to apply resources toward attaining greater success, but it requires great attention to detail, especially in regard to infrastructure, finances and human resources.

Foreign investors sue company after not receiving green cards

Californians who are interested in business immigration issues might want to learn about a lawsuit that was recently filed by a group of Chinese investors. The investors are suing because they did not receive the green cards that they believe they were promised for investing in a Las Vegas hotel.

The potential antitrust issues of a Hasbro-Mattel merger

When parents in California go shopping for holiday gifts for their young children, they are likely to run into two major brands: Hasbro and Mattel. For decades, these two companies have been known for their extensive toy catalogs as well as their fierce rivalry, which is a major reason why the public merger proposed by Hasbro to Mattel has raised eyebrows.

The basic tenets of starting a new business

For California entrepreneurs, starting a new company may be a lot like starting a new musical group. Both ventures take a lot of hard work, sleepless nights and time spent working without necessarily earning a paycheck. However, those who are successful might have greater future opportunities and control over their careers. Like creating a business, starting a band requires that a person take stock of his or her skills.

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