People in California who want to become entrepreneurs should be aware that starting a business is an involved process. There are many steps they should take to ensure that their enterprises have the best chances of being successful.

The first step someone should take before investing significant time, money and effort into launching a business is to conduct market research. Market research is used to determine if an idea can become an actual successful business. Information gathered from nearby business owners and possible customers can be used to explore the business idea and create a strategy for becoming competitive in the marketplace.

Drafting a coherent and effective business plan is the next step in starting a new business. It also plays a significant role in whether an aspiring entrepreneur can obtain a small business loan. The plan should detail exactly what type of business will be created, its location, who will be operating the business, when it is expected to open and how it will make money.

The most crucial part of the plan is the executive summary, which is typically the page that is placed at the beginning of the document. It should detail what the business will be called and what it will be offering to customers. The executive summary also should provide information about the marketplace competition, who will be managing business operations and how the business will be different other establishments of the same kind as well as a marketing strategy and financial forecasts.

An attorney that practices business law may assist individuals who are attempting to create startup companies. A lawyer also can provide advice concerning business formation and planning, which may include the best type of business entity under which to operate the business. He or she can help an aspiring business owner to obtain the proper business licenses, ensure regulatory compliance and draft agreements for business acquisitions.