Californians who are interested in business immigration issues might want to learn about a lawsuit that was recently filed by a group of Chinese investors. The investors are suing because they did not receive the green cards that they believe they were promised for investing in a Las Vegas hotel.

According to news sources, the “>60 investors paid $545,000 each for the project. The hotel opened in 2014 but has never turned a profit. The investors claim that their money was used for the project in a conspiracy to take their money without the promised green cards.

The investors put money in the SLS hotel, which they claim is on the verge of having to file for bankruptcy. They also claim that the contracts, which were in English, promised that they would receive green cards within 30 months. The hotel is currently in the process of being sold. The investors allege that the sale would prevent them from getting their green cards based on their investments because their investments would not be considered sustained.

International business disputes sometimes result in business litigation. When business disputes arise, experienced business and commercial law attorneys may advise their clients about the potential ways that the disputes might be resolved. They may work to negotiate resolutions in order to save contracts if the alleged breaches are minor. If the breaches are major, the attorneys may litigate on behalf of their clients in court or in arbitration until a resolution is reached. Lawyers may also help their clients avoid the potential for litigation by drafting and reviewing contracts that clearly define the responsibilities of all of the contracting parties and that include provisions about how disputes may be handled.