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February 2018 Archives

Medical service denials by Aetna under scrutiny in California

A lawsuit alleging that the insurance company Aetna broke a contract has blown up into an investigation led by the California Department of Insurance. When CNN showed the transcript of a deposition taken from Aetna's medical director in Southern California from March 2012 to February 2015 to the California Insurance Commissioner, he became alarmed when the medical director stated that he never looked at medical records when authorizing or denying medical care.

Cineworld shareholders approve acquisition of Regal Cinemas

California moviegoers might be interested in learning about the pending $3.6 billion acquisition of Regal Cinemas by Cineworld. The shareholders of Cineworld have approved the deal, which will create the second-largest cinema entity behind AMC.

New restaurant group will oversee more than 4,600 locations

A group of restaurant franchises in California and around the country will be overseen by a newly formed company known as Inspire Brands after Arby's Restaurant Group Inc. completed its acquisition of Buffalo Wild Wings Inc. The finalization of the $2.9 billion deal and formation of the new company was announced on Feb. 5. Arby's first revealed plans to acquire Buffalo Wild Wings in November 2017. The new company will also oversee R. Taco, which is a chain of 26 Mexican-themed fast-food restaurants acquired by Buffalo Wild Wings in 2014.

Funding a new business with incubators and accelerators

Obtaining the funds needed to launch and grow a new business can be challenging for entrepreneurs in California and around the country. Traditional lenders are often reluctant to provide credit to commercial ventures that have yet to establish a secure market position, but other sources of cash could be available to the owners of fledgling business. Accelerators and incubators may provide much-needed capital when banks are unwilling to lend, and both of these options provide guidance and advice as well as funding.

How new companies can attract younger customers

A top priority for startups in California and throughout the country is to attract loyal customers. These tend to be the people who will buy a company's products or services multiple times, which means increased revenue for a business. One way to build a relationship with a Millennial customer is to offer a quality product and quality service. To a younger person, this is more important than what a product looks like or how well it is marketed.

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