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April 2018 Archives

Startup investments by Google parent total $11 billion

Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, oversees vast venture capital investments from its headquarters in California. A change in accounting rules has prompted Alphabet to disclose the fair value of its stock holdings on earnings reports. Currently, the estimated value of the company's startup investments equal $11 billion.

Handling disputes: What to do when someone violates a contract

You create a contract for a reason: You want to bind other parties to an agreement, so they don't back out or cost you money or time. When someone violates a contract with you, it's well within your rights to take legal action to obtain compensation or to have them otherwise repay you for your losses.

How to craft an exit strategy

When investors in California and throughout the country put money into a tech company, they generally don't see any return on capital until the business is acquired or goes public. However, many tech companies wait so long to be purchased that they run out of money. Therefore, it can be difficult for many investors to see their money back after they part with it.

Common signs that a startup won't succeed

California entrepreneurs may not be surprised to know that startups fail 90 percent of the time. However, it can still be hard to recognize when a startup is failing and needs to be scrapped. One sign that a company doesn't have a bright future is that it doesn't know its customers. Specifically, the business doesn't understand what problem its target market has that needs to be solved.

What it means for two companies to merge

Companies of all sizes in California could potentially find themselves merging with other organizations. Examples of notable past mergers include Exxon and Mobile joining forces in 1999 and Disney and Pixar coming together as one organization in 2006. When the move is complete, one company remains intact while the shares of the other company are absorbed into the surviving business.

A guide to bad faith claims

Suffering from an injury is a burden, and having insurance that doesn't hold up its end of the agreement only makes that person's suffering worse. Insurance companies that operate in California have a duty to investigate and settle claims with their insureds fairly. Failure to do so is known as operating in bad faith. Thankfully, there are steps that can be taken to hold an insurer liable for acting in bad faith.

Target, Kroger in talks about a potential merger

California consumers may be interested in learning that Target and Kroger have reportedly been in talks over a potential merger for a number of months. Target, which is based in Minneapolis, is considering the merger as a means to boost its grocery offerings.

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