California entrepreneurs may not be surprised to know that startups fail 90 percent of the time. However, it can still be hard to recognize when a startup is failing and needs to be scrapped. One sign that a company doesn’t have a bright future is that it doesn’t know its customers. Specifically, the business doesn’t understand what problem its target market has that needs to be solved.

Business owners who don’t adapt to changing market conditions could be doomed to failure. While it may seem annoying to have to change a marketing or other strategy on a whim, the market is not going to change to accommodate a company. Therefore, the company must change to fit inside of its niche. Even if market conditions remain stable, it is still on a startup founder to execute an an idea in a timely manner.

Without proper execution, the best business plans or product ideas aren’t going to be worth much. In some cases, individuals consider being busy the same thing as being productive. However, unless a person is focused on doing the right things, being busy is neither productive nor a sign of success. Finally, to be successful, entrepreneurs will need to focus on making money from their efforts to increase the odds that it survives.

Those who choose to found a start-up company may have several challenges to overcome. For instance, it may be necessary to protect intellectual property or make an effort to ensure that the intellectual property of others is not being infringed upon. New companies may also need to create agreements with other founders, investors and key employees. An attorney may help to create these agreements or assist in resolving any issues a startup company may have.