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June 2018 Archives

Differences between startups and small businesses

Entrepreneurs and business owners in California might use the terms small business and startup interchangeably, but there are some key differences between the two. Startups differ from traditional businesses in how they think about growth, how they are funded and how they plan to exit the business. According to a co-founder of business seed accelerator Y Combinator, the difference between small business ventures and startups is that startups are designed to scale.

Fujifilm seeks more than $1 billion in damages from Xerox

Two major companies with California operations are engaged in a legal dispute following the failure of their planned corporate merger. Fujifilm filed suit on June 18 seeking more than $1 billion plus punitive damages from Xerox. Fujifilm alleges that Xerox abandoned the companies' planned $6.1 billion merger due to pressure from activist investors Darwin Deason and Carl Icahn.

Insurance companies who don't act in good faith must be stopped

Businesses that purchase insurance expect that they will reap these benefits when they need them, as long as those are in line with the policy. Unfortunately, this isn't always the way that the situation will work out. There are times when insurance companies won't operate in good faith, which means that the businesses might not reap the policy benefits when they should.

How to learn from failure as a business owner

Failing at one startup venture does not necessarily mean that a California entrepreneur will never succeed. In fact, research has shown that those who have failed once are actually more likely to succeed the second time around. The odds of success increase further for those who with their first companies for a longer period of time. To maximize the chances of building a successful company, startup owners need to create a product that they love and believe in.

More mega mergers possible after success of AT&T Time Warner deal

Mergers represent a method for companies in California to grow, but few will attain the scale of the one between AT&T and Time Warner. A federal judge has approved the joining of the media companies after a six-week trial initiated by the U.S. Department of Justice. The government's lawsuit had sought to block the merger on the grounds of reducing competition. The defendant companies argued that they needed to join forces to compete with Netflix and Amazon. The approval of the deal could pave the way for other mergers of large companies, like the proposed deals between CVS and Aetna and Cigna and Express Scripts.

Why health care companies are banking on technology

According to business experts, mergers and acquisitions in health care are becoming more commonplace because organizations want to increase market share. Many leaders cite consolidation as the key to expanding business and improving retention. This trend could have a major affect on the California health care market.

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