Failing at one startup venture does not necessarily mean that a California entrepreneur will never succeed. In fact, research has shown that those who have failed once are actually more likely to succeed the second time around. The odds of success increase further for those who with their first companies for a longer period of time. To maximize the chances of building a successful company, startup owners need to create a product that they love and believe in.

If business owners are behind their products, their investors may be more willing to stand behind the entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs should also be willing to get creative when it comes to finding solutions to problems facing their companies. For instance, it may be possible to use funds from one business to finance another. If a business has trouble finding civilian customers, it may be worthwhile to seek government contracts.

Startup business owners should acknowledge that they are going to make mistakes. In some cases, these errors could bring about negative press coverage. Instead of trying to hide or make excuses, it is generally a good idea to own the mistake even if there was no intent to offend anyone. While there may be some damage in the short-term, it can help a brand gain credibility in the long-term.

While there is no guarantee that a business start-up will be successful, there are tactics that may improve the odds of success. For instance, companies may find their niche by creating a business plan that addresses everything from their corporate structure to how the company will acquire customers. An attorney may be able to help create this plan.