Anyone in California looking to carve their own niche among businesses based on remote storage capabilities in the cloud is going to find a lot of competition from some big and well-established names. However, some enterprising startup founders, like those who were in attendance at an annual cloud tech gathering, are convinced there is room for newcomers in this crowded space. In fact, three of the speakers at this event shared stories about their own successes with cloud-based enterprises.

While sharing their business formation and planning experiences, the three entrepreneurs talked about using what they learned from working for established tech giants to make smart investment and hiring decisions with their own ventures. As for why they chose to leave cozy jobs, one reason given was the “lure of a new challenge.” Others saw unexplored opportunities with cloud technology.

One startup that uses the cloud to integrate and automate enterprise applications has raked in nearly $50 million and reached a $90 million valuation. Another one that helps clients adopt and manage cloud services more efficiently has raised $15 million in series A funding. The third startup, which helps get code to the cloud quickly and collaboratively, has reported a $5 million seed round funding at a $25 million valuation. When asked about fears of getting squished by existing tech firms, all three speakers agreed that the cloud “has plenty of room” for new competitors.

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