Formally establishing a business is an important step that you should never approach casually, at least not if you hope to see your business venture succeed. While businesses may develop any number of ways, once it is time to take the idea “out of the basement,” it is always wise to make sure that you understand all the steps you must take to found the business properly and legally — or else you may create costly complications in the future and miss out on opportunities that could make or break your business dreams.

In many ways, forming a business is similar to getting married. Technically speaking, it’s easy to set up a business, just as it is often quite easy to marry someone, at least legally. However, if all the parties involved do not have a clear understanding of the responsibilities, advantages and risks of marriage or business, they are much more likely to see the whole thing end in disaster. And, like marriage, it is often much more costly and difficult to get out of a failing or poorly conceived business than get into one.

Businesses of all sizes have legal needs

Whether it’s properly setting up your business for tax purposes, drafting and reviewing contracts and leases, or simply understanding the laws that may affect the business as a whole, it is important to seek out high quality legal guidance when forming a business.

Forming a business places a target on the back of the business owner in a number of ways. First, there are practical risks that business owners face that the rest of the public does not deal with, but careful business planning and formation helps anticipate these risks and create protections to minimize their impact.

Second, over the life of the business, it is likely that some party or another will sue the business. This is not something to fear in and of itself, but something that every business owner must understand and accept as one of the risks of the entrepreneur. Strong legal guidance can help protect against lawsuits before they occur and ensure that the business has what it needs to weather a legal storm if and when it arises.

Protect your future now

The longer you wait to set up your legal team, the longer you accept unnecessary risk to yourself and your business. Be sure to use all the legal resources that you have to address your business’s legal needs as soon as you can, allowing you to focus on your dreams and plans for the future while keeping your rights and priorities secure.