When people in California go into business for themselves, they may be so focused on improving their product that they do not want to focus on keeping up a social media presence. Many people are starting new enterprises, especially as a Wells Fargo and Gallup poll revealed that optimism among small businesses is the highest it has been in 15 years. Indeed, 78 percent of small business owners said that their financial situations are good, and 69 percent said that their cash flow was positive in 2017. Another 77 percent also expected positive results in the coming year.

Despite the rise in small business confidence, many owners said that they had no plans to increase their online presence and activity. While it still reflects a majority of businesses, it can indicate that many small business owners are putting less attention into their online presence in comparison to other aspects of their work. Many social media sites, like Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, have reported a declining user base. This could lead some entrepreneurs to conclude that social media outreach is less important than in the past.

However, social media can be an important way to connect with customers. Many people choose vendors through internet searches, and when businesses provide a larger number of options for contact, it can encourage potential customers to get in touch. Social media can be a way to provide quick feedback or ask a question, especially if a customer is unlikely to pick up the phone or send an email.

Of course, social media is only one part of a successful business. Entrepreneurs who want to make their dreams a reality may wish to work with a business and commercial lawyer. An attorney may help people through the process of business formation as well as help develop contracts and other key documents.