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October 2018 Archives

Insurance companies fail to settle with wildfire victims

Insurance is often viewed by many in today's modern world as a necessary expense. It may be required by law or mandated as a condition of a private contractual agreement. For whatever reason people carry insurance, there are two certainties -- no one likes to pay the premiums, but they expect insurance companies to step up to the plate and take care of the covered losses. For one group of California residents, however, some insurers are intent on denying coverage.

Whole Foods settles environmental litigation

A major supermarket has agreed to a settlement in a case regarding the mishandling hazardous waste and other materials throughout California. Whole Foods Inc. was ordered to pay $1,643,500 million by a Yolo County Superior Court judge. The funds will go to settle a civil environmental prosecution against the well-known natural foods market. There were 21 California district attorneys and city representatives involved in the case against the supermarket chain.

Mergers and acquisitions can increase organizational value

One of the most important factors in getting value from mergers and acquisitions in California is integrating the companies to keep trading with existing partners smooth and to promote organizational efficiencies. The mergers and acquisitions process can be roughly broken down into four steps. They are conducting due diligence, coming to agreement, integrating the companies and attaining value.

Health care giants to merge after approval received

People in California may experience a change in how they access health care, as leading pharmacy chain CVS has been granted approval for its merger with health insurer Aetna. The two companies had previously announced their plans to merge, but their path to approval was cleared by the Department of Justice after Aetna announced that it was selling off its Medicare Part D drug plan business. The insurer divested that segment of the company to WellCare Health Plans for an undisclosed sum of money after regulators expressed concerns about an overlap with CVS' Part D plan.

Getting SBA loans

The United States Small Business Administration backs loans that entrepreneurs in California and the rest of the country can use for almost any type of business purpose. The loans have competitive terms and rates, longer times for repayment, smaller down payments, guardrails for going through the loan process and a wide selection of loan options. Almost any small business that is in operation and is providing a service or product is able to apply for SBA loan. However, it is important that small business owners who apply for the loans understand how they work.

Steps to creating a successful startup venture

Almost anyone can start a company in California. The first step in creating a successful venture is to come up with an idea that works. Usually, this happens by creating a unique solution to a problem that consumers can latch onto. It is important to understand that the idea only has to be better than what currently exists.

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