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November 2018 Archives

Federal appeals court sides with brewery in trademark dispute

Many California drinkers enjoy craft beers, and the breweries that produce them place great value on their brand names and trademarks. Saint Louis Brewery LLC had to go to court to defend its intention to trademark the surname Schlafly. The legal dispute progressed to a federal appeals court, where a 3-0 decision affirmed the company's right to the trademark. One of the judges said that the name had developed a secondary meaning as a beer brand beyond its origin as a surname.

Top tips on creating a startup business

Starting a business in California is relatively easy, but actually being successful tends to be more difficult. Those who are looking to start a company should look for inefficiencies in the market that they can remedy. By looking for a niche, it can be easier for a new company to compete with established players in a given industry. A business plan can help an individual create a list of potential niches.

How angel investors help new businesses

Entrepreneurs in California and throughout the country could benefit from what is known as angel investing. An angel investor is generally a friend, family member or professional connection who is more interested in potential than profit. Of course, such an investor is hoping to get a return on his or her investment. However, a business owner may not be on the hook for repaying the investment should the company fail.

The importance of protecting intellectual property

There are many factors to consider when creating a new company, and protecting intellectual property is one of the most important. While not every startup has information that seems as secret as a famous recipe or formula, almost all companies in California have some kind of proprietary data that is worth protecting. A variety of legal tools are available to shield IP.

Microsoft finalizes acquisition of GitHub code repository

Open-source software development site GitHub is now being acquired by one of the largest giants in corporate software, Microsoft. Earlier in the year, Microsoft announced its $7.5 billion acquisition of the site, which offers a space for coders and software developers to provide and collectively improve code for a range of programs. As of Oct. 26, Microsoft announced that the acquisition had been completed, but that GitHub will continue to be run as an independent business with its existing platform, community and philosophy.

Red Hat acquisition could position IBM to succeed in cloud market

With the acquisition of Red Hat, IBM could expand its business in the cloud computing sector in California and globally. Red Hat brings a chance for the legacy technology company to gain market share against competitors like Amazon and Alphabet that are leading players in the cloud market.

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