Open-source software development site GitHub is now being acquired by one of the largest giants in corporate software, Microsoft. Earlier in the year, Microsoft announced its $7.5 billion acquisition of the site, which offers a space for coders and software developers to provide and collectively improve code for a range of programs. As of Oct. 26, Microsoft announced that the acquisition had been completed, but that GitHub will continue to be run as an independent business with its existing platform, community and philosophy.

The CEO of the firm, now called Microsoft’s GitHub, said in a blog post that he was excited about the deal and looking forward to creating an improved environment for software building. The code repository is widely used to house documentation and projects, and many tech giants have built strong relationships with the platform over the years. In addition to Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Google all use GitHub. There have been some critiques of the software giant’s acquisition of the code repository, but many developers have said that they will wait to see how Microsoft will approach GitHub’s way of doing business.

There are over 28 million developers who use GitHub to develop and provide code to other programmers. Some have questioned what it is that Microsoft expects to get from its $7.5 billion acquisition. Microsoft earlier purchased LinkedIn, the job-based social network for $26.2 billion, an investment which many questioned for its ability to turn a profit.

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