Cylance, a California-based artificial intelligence and cybersecurity firm, has been acquired by BlackBerry, the security firm that originated as one of the leaders in mobile technology. The chairman of BlackBerry said that the acquisition reflects the company’s goal of becoming a leader in the AI and security fields. Because BlackBerry contained secure messaging as a part of its platform from its early days, it was well-positioned to include other cybersecurity companies’ products within its overall approach. The company stated that its goal is to allow other businesses to create secure communications between their users.

In particular, Cylance has an embeddable technology for artificial intelligence that BlackBerry may include as part of its Spark platform. The merger may boost BlackBerry’s business with an array of products that are often rarely used by larger enterprise customers. The Spark platform aims to provide secure communications for devices on the so-called “Internet of Things.” This term refers to connected devices that use various technologies to communicate over home and business networks. However, these devices have also been criticized for a lack of security and vulnerability to hacking and malware. BlackBerry’s platform aims to make these types of devices more valuable for large corporations by investing in a communications protocol that enables them to function securely without the gaps often seen in consumer products.

Over 4,000 companies internationally rely on BlackBerry technologies to enhance the security of their communications. The merged company will also focus on new technologies to expand capacity in threat detection and response.

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