Many aspiring entrepreneurs in California have great ideas that they believe will change the future. However, these ambitious individuals often fall short with issues regarding funding and finding capital to launch their businesses.

There are three main ways that entrepreneurs can raise capital. The first of which is to give up equity in return. For instance, if an entrepreneur can find an angel investor willing to fund their startup, this could provide them with much-needed capital along with the investor’s guidance, something that can come in handy during turbulent times. Alternatively, if the startup has been around for a while but needs capital to grow, the entrepreneur could seek out venture capital, an option that tends to doll out more funds than angel investors.

The second manner of raising capital is to get a loan. Fortunately, entrepreneurs have many potential resources when looking for a loan. For example, some family and friends may loan them the money without any interest rate. On the other hand, entrepreneurs can reach out to banks in order to get their loans. This option might be difficult for some, however, making the idea of microfinance more appealing.

Finally, an entrepreneur can try to fund their business through free cash. However, this option is harder to come by than the other two methods. While some grants might be available, there will be intense competition. Another option is crowdfunding. Although this can be a great idea, the crowdfunding space is so large that it’s easy to get lost in it.

At the end of the day, an entrepreneur has to find a way to fund their business. They may find it in their best interest to go over their options with an experienced professional who specializes in business formation and planning.