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April 2019 Archives

Mobile phone merger reveals deeper problems

Many California companies look at mergers and acquisitions as an important way to enhance or expand their business portfolios. However, publicly traded companies or firms in certain industries may find that government regulations could stymie their plans to merge. Two national wireless carriers, Sprint and T-Mobile, are facing obstacles that could derail their planned transaction.

Companies spending more to defend class action lawsuits

Businesses in California and across the country are paying more to defend themselves from class action lawsuits, even though there are fewer such cases than in the past. In many cases, the issues involved are often complex and expert-heavy. Between 2010 and 2014, companies spent decreasing amounts to defend themselves in these types of cases. However, from 2014 to 2018, spending has steadily increased once again, reaching $2.46 billion in legal costs in 2018.

Opponents of CVS acquisition of Aetna to speak in court

California residents who follow the medical sector are probably aware that the retail pharmacy chain CVS Health Corp. is in the process of acquiring the managed health care company Aetna Inc. in a deal reported to be worth almost $70 billion. Attorneys for the two companies closed the deal in November 2018 and the U.S. Department of Justice approved the acquisition providing the two companies sold certain assets. Most analysts expected the acquisition process to be completed quickly following the DOJ decision, but hopes of a speedy resolution were dashed on April 5 when a federal judge announced that he would be holding hearings to allow those with concerns about the deal to be heard.

Act effectively if vendor drops the ball

Your brick-and-mortar business depends on reliable deliveries from vendors to meet customers' demands. But your supply chain could be vulnerable to any number of situations that could affect your bottom line — strikes and work stoppages, natural disasters, accidents, recalls and simple incompetence.

Clearbanc uses data to fund e-commerce startups

Entrepreneurs in California may be interested in the new financing company Clearbanc, which has designed a fast alternative to venture capital funding. Clearbanc provides between $10,000 and $10 million to qualifying applicants to fund online marketing efforts. The company then collects fees starting at 5 percent from monthly top-line revenue until funding is repaid. In contrast to VC funding, this arrangement does not require entrepreneurs to give up equity. A founder of Clearbanc also highlighted the company's data-based approach, which eliminates the biases often inherent in convincing VC investors to provide money.

TV distribution merger has wide-ranging effects

Two major players in the entertainment market are being combined as part of a Comcast expansion, which affects international distribution of U.S. programming produced in California and elsewhere. After Comcast took over Sky, it made plans to launch a series of reorganization plans. This process will include the merger of some operations performed by NBCUniversal International with those of Sky.

Tips to keep data safe in a merger

California business owners need to make sure that their companies are as safe from a cyber attack as possible. This is true whether an individual started a company from scratch or has recently acquired or merged with an existing organization. One way to ensure that a company is secure is to do due diligence prior to merging with another business.

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