Two major players in the entertainment market are being combined as part of a Comcast expansion, which affects international distribution of U.S. programming produced in California and elsewhere. After Comcast took over Sky, it made plans to launch a series of reorganization plans. This process will include the merger of some operations performed by NBCUniversal International with those of Sky.

Comcast CEO detailed the changes, which will affect different countries. For example, in the United Kingdom, pay TV channels currently owned by NBCU International and Sky will be combined. They will be moved to one location in Osterley in the western side of London. In addition, the NBCUniversal team in London that works on Europe, Middle East and Africa networks will also be gathered at one vast campus for the merged company. Comcast agreed to retain this large campus as part of its bid to acquire the British media firm.

Meanwhile, in Germany, NBCUniversal International’s network business will now become a part of Sky. The Comcast CEO said that both companies may be housed together at Unterfoehring for operations there. Internationally, there is also a plan for Sky’s distribution and content sales to be managed globally as part of the NBCUniversal distribution network. Sky Vision, the part of the company that dealt with distribution, is preparing for layoffs as the merger proceeds forward operationally. In general, NBCUniversal programming is sold much more widely than Sky’s programming, making it easier to wrap into the overall offerings provided by NBCU.

Major mergers and acquisitions can be a complex process from negotiations to integration. Due diligence to ensure that a deal has a positive effect on a company is an important part of the process. By working with a business law firm, companies may be able to protect their interests throughout the process and emerge successfully from an acquisition.

Source: Variety, “Merger of Sky, NBCU Operations Begins Post-Comcast Takeover“, Elsa Keslassy, 04/05/2019