Even when a great idea is at the heart of a business concept, success isn’t likely to come overnight in California. Plus, there is no guarantee any business will succeed. That being said, there are some steps that startup owners may be able to take to increase their odds of seeing a pleasing return on investment.

While it’s possible to get into a competitive field, a startup company is more likely to get off the ground if it can carve out a unique niche and identify a consumer or B2B need that’s not being filled. It’s equally important for a startup owner to have a solid business plan when it comes to a pricing strategy, marketing and the overall structure of the business.

A startup is also more likely to have a successful launch if efforts are made to recruit the best possible talent. Such efforts may involve more of an investment with salaries, but the added expertise could prove to be a valuable asset for a new business. With today’s marketing techniques, there are plenty of options available, including social media and other tools that have the potential to reach a large audience. Lastly, startups are advised to be diligent with financial planning and cash flow management to avoid unexpected money woes.

Another step that can be beneficial for a startup is to work with a business formation and planning lawyer. An attorney can review incorporation papers, employee contracts, agreements with suppliers and other essential documents that need to be drafted and filed correctly. A lawyer may also consult with an accountant or other financial professionals to calculate anticipated startup expenses.