California-based Google intends to purchase Looker for $2.6 billion. Looker has 1,600 customers and offers services pertaining to the multi-cloud. Google has said that it will continue to be friendly toward open source projects that run on the cloud. It said that it wanted to purchase Looker because it had quality data governance protocols in place in addition to running on modern cloud databases.

Google Cloud’s CEO said that the company understands that customers want to be able to analyze data using a variety of sources. He further stated that Looker’s tools would make it easier for companies to determine key metrics and use data in a consistent manner to track performance. Looker’s CEO also confirmed that customers would be able to get data from a variety of databases such as Snowflake, Oracle, and Amazon Redshift.

Google also addressed concerns that the acquisition could pique the interest of regulators. Specifically, there was speculation that it could raise antitrust questions during a time when government officials have spoken about the possibility of breaking up large tech companies. However, Google purchased Looker itself as opposed to any data that its tools may hold. Its intention to maintain multi-cloud tools is another argument in favor of Google’s assertion that the purchase wouldn’t violate antitrust rules.

Acquiring a new company may be among the most complex transactions a business can engage in. It is necessary to do due diligence before closing on the transaction. An attorney may be able to assist with obtaining documents or looking into possible legal issues related to an acquisition. In some cases, it may be necessary to have multiple attorneys who have experience in specific areas of the law to help complete a merger properly.