A couple of the largest aerospace companies in the world, which have locations in California and other states, have decided to merge into one giant company that’s expected to generate more than $74 billion in sales per year. After the merger, the shareholders in the smaller of the two companies will own 43% of the new company’s stock while the shareholders in the larger company will own 57%. The headquarters of the new company will be located in the Boston Metro area.

The two companies merging have been responsible for developing a lot of important advancements, including satellite transmission technology and microwave ovens. Representatives from the companies have stated that the merger will allow for even more advancements in aerospace and defense. While the board of directors of both companies have already give the go-ahead, the merger has yet to be approved by federal regulators.

The new merged company will consolidate all of its interests into four businesses. They will be divided into intelligence and aerospace, defense and missile systems, avionics and information technology, and jet engine manufacturing. As part of the move, the larger company in the merger will spin off some of its holdings that are unrelated to the aerospace industry.

Mergers & acquisitions can be very complicated business transactions that require a lot of complicated legal paperwork and adherence to regulations. Any company considering going through the process might benefit from having a lawyer or team of legal professionals on their side. Attorneys may help guide the company through the process so that the legal requirements of merging or acquiring are covered. They might also help ensure that the financial interests of the stakeholders involved are taken into account.