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July 2019 Archives

Amazon accused of trademark infringement by Prime Inc.

Each day, Amazon transports thousands of products throughout California in delivery trucks marked "Prime," the name of its premium subscription program. However, Prime Inc., a trucking company from Missouri alleges that the online retail giant's use of "Prime" on vehicles infringes on its trademark.

CBS and Viacom inch toward merger deal

California viewers may soon have more entertainment choices if a proposed merger between CBS and media company Viacom becomes a reality. The two companies have reportedly set a date to ink a deal, which may be completed by the end of 2019. There has already been widespread speculation about this anticipated merger for more than a year.

Lawsuit victory restores iconic Yosemite National Park names

California visitors to Yosemite National Park will soon notice the return of familiar names for many of the park's lodgings and visitor destinations. This is because the national park has emerged victorious after a four-year court battle with its former concessionaire. As a result of the lawsuit, several names of iconic structures within the park had to be changed, including hotels, lodges and a popular ski area.

Breach of contract: What you should know

If you own a business in San Diego, you probably already have some experience with contracts. For instance, you may have entered into a contract with a vendor where the vendor supplies you with product and you pay the vendor. Both you and the vendor get something you want. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong and one person either cannot or does not perform according to the contract. When this happens, it is a breach of contract.

Major health care companies announce merger

Two health care companies that serve patients in California and across the country have announced plans to merge. Sanford Health and UnityPoint Health signed a letter of intent for a planned $11 billion merger. If the plans are completed, the resulting company would be one of the top 15 not-for-profit health care companies across the country. The combined entity would own 76 hospitals in 26 states and nine different countries. It would also employ 2,600 doctors and 83,000 total staff. In a statement, the CEO of Sanford Health said that both companies were already successful and wanted to build on their records.

What to know about LLCs

Businesses that are formed in California are likely able to structure themselves as a limited liability company, or LLC. This may be possible whether the company has a single member or multiple members. Members can include individuals, other LLCs and corporations in both the United States and throughout the world. By default, single-member LLCs are considered disregarded entities while those with two members are classified as partnerships. However, an LLC can choose how it would like to be taxed by filing Form 8832.

Health sector companies agree to merge

California residents and others who use Medicaid may be pleased to hear that WellCare and Centene shareholders have agreed to a merger. The deal would see Centene purchase WellCare for $15 billion. According to Centene's CEO, the combined company will be better able to serve the needs of those who rely on government health benefits. He also noted that the combined entity would make it easier for patients to see improved health outcomes.

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