Many business owners in California are looking for ways to grow their companies or expand their reach to new markets. Acquisitions are some of the most important ways for companies to expand as they can acquire entirely new sets of customers or markets from those who have already built a reputation or experience in a particular area. Some of the most successful large companies were built by acquiring and integrating smaller firms to make a new, comprehensive whole.

One large content management and marketing company, Mediafly, is adopting a related approach to growth. Mediafly made its name by developing strategies and business-to-business sales for corporate giants like PepsiCo and NBC Universal. Long known as an enterprise company, Mediafly’s services are known by many for their quality and reliability. Still, they have also been widely perceived as out of reach or excessive for small or medium-sized businesses. However, the company recognized a growth opportunity in working with smaller companies. In order to expand its reach to more moderately sized companies, Mediafly acquired another firm, iPresent LLC. iPresent had built its business on servicing smaller companies in business-to-business sales and online marketing, making it a logical expansion for Mediafly.

Sales enablement is important for businesses of all sizes, many of which are moving an increasing amount of their customers online. With the acquisition of iPresent, Mediafly now has the track record of its own success with corporate giants as well as an appropriate platform easily used by smaller businesses looking for online sales expertise.

Mergers and acquisitions can be important for companies of all sizes in building their businesses and reaching new areas. Whether they want to expand geographically or in terms of customer base, business owners may consult with a business attorney for guidance on preparing for an acquisition, including performing due diligence or negotiating a sale.