A former executive with the Los Angeles Sparks is disputing the cause of her termination from the WNBA team.

The franchise has said the woman was fired on Oct. 4, 2019, because she used a racial slur when addressing players following a game. She said she was fired because she complained about what she considered to be an inappropriate relationship between the team president and one of the team’s managing partners.

The woman is taking her case through the legal system. She said that she would still have her job with the team if she were a man. The woman said the team’s former coach, a man, was verbally abusive toward players and was not disciplined.

Instead, she said her firing was in retaliation for her complaints about an extramarital affair between the team president and the partner.

She said in an interview with the Associated Press that the relationship between the two made her job tougher. With the team since its founding in 1997 as either a player or a member of the front office, she said there was a constant soap opera-like feel to the workplace.

It wasn’t clear to whom she voiced her complaints.

“I wasn’t part of the clique,” the woman told the Associated Press. “Every day people would have no idea what I went through here working for the Sparks after they were acquired by this ownership.”

The woman had nearly six months remaining on her contract when she was fired and is seeking the balance of the money she said she is owed. Discussions with the team have been unsuccessful, so she is pursuing the money through the courts.

This will be an interesting business dispute case to watch as it proceeds through the court system in Los Angeles.