Taking out insurance for your business allows you to sleep at night. While business insurance can be expensive, it is worth it for the weight it lifts from your mind. So when you need to call upon it, it can be worrying and frustrating if the insurance company you trusted to protect you turns around and tries to deny coverage. Failing to resolve the dispute could put you out of business.


When an insurance company tries to claim something is excluded from coverage, the onus is on them to prove it. They need to clearly show where the text of the insurance policy document sets this out.

Ambiguous language

Some insurance companies use ambiguous language in their policies. When you claim they try and use this ambiguity to their advantage, however, in almost all cases of ambiguity, a judge will find against the insurance company. After all, they are the specialists, so they should make things clear in the first place.

Good faith

Insurance companies are required to act in good faith toward you, the policyholder. Tactics such as refusing to investigate thoroughly, not communicating, delaying payments, underpaying or refusing to pay can cause you considerable distress. If your insurer acts in bad faith, you can bring a bad faith claim against them to receive compensation for all those sleepless nights they caused you.

If you are facing an environmental claim in California, you need an experienced environmental law firm. They can represent you and ensure that your insurance provider fulfills their duties toward you.