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Handling disputes: What to do when someone violates a contract

You create a contract for a reason: You want to bind other parties to an agreement, so they don't back out or cost you money or time. When someone violates a contract with you, it's well within your rights to take legal action to obtain compensation or to have them otherwise repay you for your losses.

Contracts have an important role in business

Many people rely on contracts to ensure that projects and plans go as expected. When you use them in your business, you need to make sure that they can be enforced if necessary. This might seem like something that is going to be pretty easy, but it could be more difficult than what you think.

5 duties your insurance carrier has to you and your business

You pay for insurance, and like anyone else, you expect your carrier to provide you with the requisite benefits. Bad faith insurance is when your insurer is unreasonable or refuses to pay claims or protect you from claims. Essentially, the insurer isn't doing his or her job.

Settling a breach of contract

When you enter into a contract with another party, you expect that party to hold up his or her obligations. For example, if you own a medical practice in San Diego and you contract with a specific vendor to provide medical supplies, you expect that vendor to deliver on every one of your orders. If the vendor fails to deliver the products on time, does not deliver the correct products, or fails to honor the contract in any other way, then it is a breach of contract.

Tips for starting your first company

The day has finally come when you are ready to take the first step to becoming your own boss. Starting your own business has been the goal since you took your first college course. However, opening a business in San Diego can be difficult and even stressful. You have to balance your ideas for operations with legal requirements and the other nitty-gritty while working toward making a profit.

4 options to help settle a business partner dispute

Working with a business partner is like any other relationship. You are going to have your ups and downs, there will be things on which you do not see eye to eye and there will be issues where you completely agree. And, just like your other relationships, it is important to choose a business partner who is committed to achieving a shared vision for the company.

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