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Funding a new business with incubators and accelerators

Obtaining the funds needed to launch and grow a new business can be challenging for entrepreneurs in California and around the country. Traditional lenders are often reluctant to provide credit to commercial ventures that have yet to establish a secure market position, but other sources of cash could be available to the owners of fledgling business. Accelerators and incubators may provide much-needed capital when banks are unwilling to lend, and both of these options provide guidance and advice as well as funding.

How new companies can attract younger customers

A top priority for startups in California and throughout the country is to attract loyal customers. These tend to be the people who will buy a company's products or services multiple times, which means increased revenue for a business. One way to build a relationship with a Millennial customer is to offer a quality product and quality service. To a younger person, this is more important than what a product looks like or how well it is marketed.

Factors considered for startup purchasing

California owners of startups should be aware that large companies are buying smaller ones in an effort to remain competitive in their industries and to increase their scalability. Startup owners who are interested in selling their business to one of these large companies should be aware of exactly what these companies are looking for when considering a business to purchase.

New corporate tax rates and limited liability companies.

With the recent reduction of the corporate tax rate, will small business owners in San Diego, California change the structure of their businesses? In some cases, the change from a limited liability company (LLC) or a Subchapter S corporation (S Corp.) to a C corporation may be in the works.

Helpful tips for tech industry startups

Proper business formation and planning in California allows entrepreneurs to take advantage of the state's status as the world's fifth-biggest economy. While the Golden State is home to many types of industries, tech startups are particularly popular among young entrepreneurs. Since there is so much competition, however, startups should take steps to maximize the possibility of success.

What to avoid when growing a business

California small business owners who are looking to be successful may try to employ a variety of shortcuts. However, these actions could do more harm than good for a business. For instance, hiring executives or other key employees from large companies may not be as great of an idea as it sounds like. This is because they may not have the mindset that it takes to thrive in a startup or small company.

New tax rules may help startup employees earn more

Owners of California startup companies might want to look to provide stock options to their employees on a broader basis. This is because it may be possible to delay the tax consequences that come with having them if such options are offered to at least 80 percent of employees. In most cases, employee stock options need to be exercised within 10 years if their recipients stay with the company.

The basic tenets of starting a new business

For California entrepreneurs, starting a new company may be a lot like starting a new musical group. Both ventures take a lot of hard work, sleepless nights and time spent working without necessarily earning a paycheck. However, those who are successful might have greater future opportunities and control over their careers. Like creating a business, starting a band requires that a person take stock of his or her skills.

Mistakes entrepreneurs should look to avoid

Most startups in California and elsewhere will run into problems at some point. Even if an entrepreneur has a quality idea, his or her company may not be as successfully as imagined. In some cases, this is because of a lack of planning on the part of the entrepreneur. Ideally, a company will know who its target customer is, what that person's price point is and other variables before beginning operations.

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