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Cineworld shareholders approve acquisition of Regal Cinemas

California moviegoers might be interested in learning about the pending $3.6 billion acquisition of Regal Cinemas by Cineworld. The shareholders of Cineworld have approved the deal, which will create the second-largest cinema entity behind AMC.

New restaurant group will oversee more than 4,600 locations

A group of restaurant franchises in California and around the country will be overseen by a newly formed company known as Inspire Brands after Arby's Restaurant Group Inc. completed its acquisition of Buffalo Wild Wings Inc. The finalization of the $2.9 billion deal and formation of the new company was announced on Feb. 5. Arby's first revealed plans to acquire Buffalo Wild Wings in November 2017. The new company will also oversee R. Taco, which is a chain of 26 Mexican-themed fast-food restaurants acquired by Buffalo Wild Wings in 2014.

Mergers and acquisitions continue at a fierce pace

As the economy around the world has grown, an increasing number of businesses in California and elsewhere have turned to mergers and acquisitions. The year 2017 showed the third-highest rate of mergers and acquisitions since the 2008 financial crisis.

Disney announces $52.4 billion deal with 21st Century Fox

Media outlets reported on Dec. 14 that the California-based Walt Disney Company has entered into an all-stock deal worth approximately $52.4 billion with 21st Century Fox. Industry experts say that Fox will separate many of its broadcasting assets, including the Fox News Channel and the Big Ten Network, into a new media company while Disney will acquire some of the most valuable intellectual properties in the entertainment business.

3 critical factors every business merger needs to manage

At some point, rival businesses in California might consider merging as a way to dominate market share. The process could allow the joined companies to apply resources toward attaining greater success, but it requires great attention to detail, especially in regard to infrastructure, finances and human resources.

The potential antitrust issues of a Hasbro-Mattel merger

When parents in California go shopping for holiday gifts for their young children, they are likely to run into two major brands: Hasbro and Mattel. For decades, these two companies have been known for their extensive toy catalogs as well as their fierce rivalry, which is a major reason why the public merger proposed by Hasbro to Mattel has raised eyebrows.

How to manage consumer expectations in a merger

Consumers in California may be concerned that they will lose the connection that they have with a brand if it merges with another company. The CEO of QVC has said that combining companies may actually lead to greater value for customers as well as add value for customers. L'Oreal says that it lets each brand that it owns be authentic and transparent.

Avoiding violations of the anti-inversion regulations

California corporations that are considering acquisitions and mergers need to take care that they avoid violating the IRS regulations that cracked down on corporate inversions. This may require adjusting the ownership percentages so that the acquisition or merger will not effectively be an inversion.

Careful planning, sound legal advice critical for success of business merger, acquisition

Recent posts on this blog have looked at the topic of mergers and acquisitions, specifically with regard to regulatory challenges that can arise for companies competing in the same market. As we’ve noted, businesses can benefit greatly from working with experienced legal counsel throughout the merger review process.

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