Firm Overview

California Corporate Counsel and Environmental Law Firm

Established in 2004, the law firm of Caufield & James draws upon the rich diversity of experience and perspective of its partners and associate attorneys. Together, our practice combines highly focused advice and advocacy in such fields as environmental law and commercial litigation with the versatility and flexibility required of corporate general counsel for small or midsized businesses.

Contact us to learn how our combination of focus and breadth can benefit your company on matters ranging from business startups and commercial transactions to complex toxic torts or environmental cleanup litigation.

We offer big-firm credentials and experience in a small-firm atmosphere

Several of our attorneys spent the formative years of their careers in large law firms, where they learned about the demands of complex multiparty litigation on challenging technical subjects. Today, our lawyers apply these skills in an atmosphere that allows for closer attorney-client contact and more personalized service that not only addresses your practical needs, but also anticipates them.

Small and midsized companies with occasional or continuing contact with environmental regulation and liability risks stand to benefit most obviously from our experience and skills, but other clients can profit as well from our advice on such matters as the following:

On complex environmental matters such as CERCLA litigation or toxic torts, we can represent clients anywhere in California or across the United States. For our business practice, most of our clients are based in Southern California, especially the Los Angeles-San Diego corridor, but we represent clients throughout California.

Our firm has grown rapidly since we opened our doors in 2004, and so have many of our clients. Managing the organizational and legal challenges that accompany fast growth in highly regulated industries and markets is a particular strength of our firm, and we look forward to helping your company meet those challenges as well. For additional information about the scope of our practice, contact an attorney at Caufield & James.

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