Litigation Results

In Federal District Court, successfully disqualified four (4) sets of opposing side’s testifying experts in a multi-million dollar CERCLA environmental case.

Negotiated favorable settlement of more than $1 million for client in quiet title action involving water production rights.

Los Angeles Superior Court granted Writ of Mandate in client’s favor pursuant to CEQA and applicable zoning laws, overturning the City of Los Angeles’ decision to operate a proposed truck driving academy in area zoned as “open space.”

Successfully negotiated settlement involving the purchase and sale of real property contaminated with burn ash from a former burn dump.

Negotiated settlement on behalf of owner of apartment complex involving contract disputes over tenancy, sexual harassment, and employment issues, without payment by the client.

Client awarded over $379,000 in attorneys’ fees under California’s Private Attorney General Statute, after successfully challenging the proposed operation of a truck driving academy in area zoned as “open space,” under CEQA and applicable zoning laws.

Successfully defended owner of apartment complex against claims for alleged exposure to toxic mold which resulted in a negotiated settlement.

Central District Court dismissed consumer class action claims against client after successful challenge on jurisdictional grounds.

Renegotiated favorable terms and conditions of security agreement for client in connection with construction contract for multi-million dollar development.

Successfully defended developer in action seeking in excess of $1.2 million in damages for alleged sedimentation of Lake Arrowhead, after plaintiff voluntarily dismissed all claims with prejudice.

Successfully advocated dismissal of $72,000 in fines related to alleged violations of NPDES permit maintained for Los Angeles-based dewatering operation.

Successfully prosecuted claims on behalf of developer related to the procurement and maintenance of insurance coverage under a construction contract.

Prevailed in a pipe corrosion action wherein plaintiff voluntarily dismissed lawsuit after motion for summary judgment was filed.

Located insurance coverage and successfully settled case on behalf of a family-owned dry cleaner business being sued for alleged bodily injury and property damage totaling approximately $500,000.

Successfully advocated dismissal of product liability claim valued at approximately $200,000 related to pipe coatings.

Successfully defended two clients against allegations of child abuse in administrative hearing process before the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

Successfully litigated matter which resulted in favorable settlement of more than $3 million for client in CERCLA action involving contaminated soil and groundwater from dry cleaners and service station.

Obtained insurance coverage and negotiated dismissal of claims with prejudice and good faith settlement determination in CERCLA action against former dry cleaner in Los Angeles, at no cost to the client.

Negotiated favorable settlement on behalf of multiple subcontractors in construction defect action involving over 200 homes.

Prevailed at trial on legal issues related to multi-party, pipe corrosion action.

Successfully litigated coverage action and negotiated settlement involving the defense of environmental consultant alleged to have performed negligent investigation of contaminated property.

Negotiated favorable settlement on behalf of auto parts manufacturer with the California Air Resources Board.

Successfully litigated and negotiated a global settlement in excess of $10 million paid to our clients in a complex, multi-party environmental contamination case.

Negotiated payment of over $900,000 to our client for environmental contamination matters related to umbrella insurance coverage.

Negotiated payment of over $650,000 to our client by insurance carriers for property and fire damage to a Southern California business.

Negotiated payment of over $450,000 to our client by insurance carriers related to construction defect litigation.

Successfully settled a multi-million dollar CERCLA case on behalf of gun range operator involving allegation of lead contamination arising from gun range operations, with no out-of-pocket expenditures by the client towards settlement.

Prevailed at trial in case against an insurance carrier for underestimating the repair value of property damage.

Resolved a multi-million dollar business interference claim related to ambulance services for no payment by client to plaintiff.

Defended client in a felony case involving discharging into a sewer without a permit.

Defended client in a felony case involving allegations of failing to adequately characterize hazardous waste.

Prevailed on demurrer on breach of contract claim related to obligations to provide services.

Successfully defended claim on alleged breach of consulting services contract.

Successfully negotiated a cleanup plan associated with contamination caused by historical dry cleaner releases of PCE.

Prevailed at trial for verdict of less than 998 Offer on a matter with admitted liability by client by successfully discrediting expert.

Prevailed on appeal of a CEQA case for failing to prepare an initial study or negative declaration on a project.

Negotiated settlement with Regional Board regarding alleged NPDES violations in which Board dropped all demands for over $1 million in fines.

Negotiated settlement of a CERCLA action with claims in excess of $1 million, with settlement amount paid by a third party.

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