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Over $40 million in recoveries for clients from utilities for transmission line caused fires.

A $650,000 payment to our client from insurance carriers for property and fire damage to a Southern California business.

A $3 million settlement for a client in an action involving the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA).

Successfully litigated and negotiated a settlement of more than $10 million paid to our clients in a complex, multiparty environmental contamination case.

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Wildfire Attorneys For The Camp Fire And Woolsey Fires

With tens of thousands of acres burnt, over 1,000 homes and structures lost and more than 40 people killed the Camp Fire and Woolsey Fire are two of the worst wildfires in US history.

The most recent news reports place the potential cause of the Camp Fire and Woolsey Fire on PG&E and Edison.

Both PG&E and Edison have a history of having caused massive wildfires by failures associated with their power transmission lines including the San Diego Fires and the Butte Fire. Both utilities have faced substantial criticisms for many decades about their lack of management and oversight in preventing fires from their transmission lines.

We have substantial experience in wildfire litigation caused by utility companies including the San Diego wildfires and the 2015 Butte Fire located near Jackson, California.

The 70,000 acre Butte Fire was caused by a PG&E power transmission line coming into contact with a tree. We represented over 100 property owners comprising nearly 10,000 acres of land in claims against PG&E. To date, we have successfully settled 98% of the cases against PG&E for our clients. Our clients in the Butte Fire case included homeowners, ranchers, farmers, business owners, tenants and absentee owners. The key to resolving claims successfully on behalf of the clients include not only establishing the cause of the fire but accurately accounting for the damages caused by the fire and seeking reasonable compensation.

The successful resolution of claims on behalf of fire victims in other cases does not necessarily predict the outcome of any particular case. Our clients are not just a number to us, we personally meet with our clients, walk their properties, assist them in the rebuilding efforts and even give out our personal cell phone numbers so that our clients can easily reach us to discuss their issues.

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